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This site was established to continue and expand the work by some among the so-called Plymouth Brethren, who diligently sought to rightly divide the Word of God and generously impart the plain sense of Scripture to others.  The mission of this website is, therefore, two-fold in purpose:


        (1) to evangelize...or to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ so that souls may be saved; and

        (2) to preserve...the work of the saints for the use by our Lord in building up the Body of Christ.


God warns, "My Spirit shall not always strive with man" Genesis 6:3, "He, who being often reproved hardens his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy" Proverbs 29:1.  "Then a great ransom cannot deliver you," Job 36:18.   Are you saved? 


To discuss further this vital matter of your soulís salvation,  please contact Jim Melough or the moderator of this website, Dennis Hill.
No one will phone, visit, nor send literature unless requested to do so.


Changes in technology, including tablets and smartphones, requires us to make substantial changes to the website every few years.

Please return near the end of December 2012 to see the major revisions and new user-friendly screens.


Please visit our community outreach web sites.  We covet your prayers for this and all service to the Lord and His people.


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