For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.
Romans 15:4



 A Bible Study - Commentary by Jim Melough

Copyright 2001 James Melough


The study of Scripture reveals that frequently the Holy Spirit has been selective in what He has chosen to record.  For example, as a mere historical record, the Bible leaves a lot to be desired, for the simple reason that the Holy Spirit has selected only as much of history as serves to accomplish the Divine purpose, which is to present the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord’s genealogy as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew is another example, but again the Holy Spirit has selected only what facilitates His purpose, which is to present the Lord Jesus Christ as God’s anointed King.

And it is the same with most of the men who are set before us in Scripture as types of Christ: imperfection marks all of them, for while no evil has been recorded of some, we recognize that the apparent perfection is the result of the Holy Spirit’s selectivity: He has chosen to omit in regard to them any mention of the imperfection that marks all men except the Lord Himself.

This helps us to see that many of those who are very clearly types of Christ, will be seen as such only when we bring to our examination of their lives the same discrimination as has been employed by the Holy Spirit in regard to history, genealogies, etc.  It is obvious, for example, that while David is very clearly a type of Christ as the rejected King, there are incidents in his life which are clearly to be omitted when examining the symbolic picture.

With this in mind, we look at Solomon and recognize that like David, he too is a type of Christ, not in the folly that marked the latter part of his life, but in the humility and wisdom that marked his early years.  The full significance of that wisdom will be better understood in the light of the knowledge that his reign, in which Israel reached the zenith of her glory, and in which silver “was nothing accounted of” because of the abundance of gold, is itself but a foreshadowing of the coming Millennium when the type will be fulfilled, and the true Solomon will reign over the whole earth.  As Christ Himself declared two thousand years ago, “Behold, a greater than Solomon is here,” Mt 12:42, so will it be again in a day that can’t be far off.  But unlike the Christ Who has come once to fulfill the type portrayed by David, the Christ Whose coming is foreshadowed in Solomon’s reign, will come, not to save but to judge; not to redeem, but to rule.  Note, for example, that Adonijah, Joab, and Shimei - evil men who had been spared during the reign of David - were put to death when Solomon began to reign (1 Ki 2).

Then a repentant and pardoned Israel will be elevated to an even higher pinnacle of glory from which her dominion will embrace the whole world; and not in Israel only, but in the whole earth, will there be abundance and blessing such as the world has never known.

When the record of Solomon’s life is scanned with the spiritual illumination that differentiates between what is recorded of him as a mere man, and what has been written of him as a type of Christ, it will become invested with new meaning.  We will see what God wants us to see in all Scripture: CHRIST.


     Scripture portions taken from the Holy Bible, King James Version
© 2000-2005 James Melough