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For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning,
that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.
Romans 15:4

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Bible Study Navigation Tips

  • All Bible studies available are listed on the first page of this section.

  • To prevent breaking up sections or chapters each unit is retained as a separate document. Though the chapter length is often long, the document is usually all text and should load at the most within a minute or two at 28.8. Your patience will be rewarded.

  • At the end of each section or chapter the next section or chapter in the study is linked. 

  • Available sections or chapters are individually linked from the first page for easy access. By returning to the first page you can easily jump about in a book without having to use the consecutive links.

  • At any time the tool bars at the top and bottom of each page enable you to back-up to the previous section or chapter, return to the Bible Studies first page, or jump to an entirely new section within the Web.

  • Searching a document is quite effective using your browser Find feature. Since the chapters are in individual documents it is quite easy to find a verse. For example, to find Genesis 42:26 one only need search for 42:26. In most instances this will take you immediately to the verse. However, if the verse is mentioned elsewhere in the document or a similar verse elsewhere in the Bible - a rare instance - you will also find it. However, it is easy to just use the "Find Next" button to go on. And, of course, as with any Web document, one can search for other words.

Bible Study Download Tips

It is really easy to download a Chapter and use it as a basis for your personal Bible study.

  • Locate the Introduction or Chapter that you desire to download.

  • Use the File-Save feature of the browser. Save the page in a text format, which is easier to handle than an HTML format, giving the saved file an appropriate name, e.g.
    Amos 6 - Melough.

  • Once offline the text file can be imported into your word processor and saved in the word processor format, e.g.
    Amos 6 - Melough.doc would be the Word for Windows document.

  • Then, as you study, you can call up the document, then highlight, embolden, underline and notate that which you consider important.

  • Once complete, you have a personalized commentary that is easy to refer to when desired.

If you have any other tips that you think might be of help to others for navigating the studies, please send us an e-mail with the idea.

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